Caroline Callahan
My children are 2 and 5, and this product is the best idea by far for families with young children that are traveling or going through potty training. I use it where ever I go regardless if I am traveling or about in town. We keep one at the house and one in the diaper bag. It's so convenient our little one won't let us leave home with out it. She absolutely loves this product! I wish this had been around when we were potty training our oldest. It would have made it so much more simpler. I will recommend to all my mommy friends with younger children. Finally a product that I can't do without!!! Thanks for such a great product and thank you for making our potty training so much easier...
Julie Brophy
I received the 2 pottys this morning. They are brilliant. She loves them. I can't believe how quick they are to inflate and deflate. They will be so handy for our holiday. Wishing you every success with your company for the future. Thank you again.
Garth, France, & Daniel
My wife and I are back from our trip, and we used the inflatable potty seat exclusively while we were on vacation. This was a tenth anniversary trip for us and we went to Florenece, Venice and Rome with daytrips to Pisa and Pompeii. Besides my wife and son (just turned 3) my father also came. We traveled light as we were planning to do all transportation by train and by foot. Needless to say we didn't want to have to take a full potty seat with us! I thought to look online for an inflatable one and was astounded that they were hard to find. Needless to say when I found yours and was able to get it in time for our trip we were very pleased. It did exactly what we had hoped, worked with Italian toilets (which do have a slightly different seat shape, and was easy to repack and take with us to our next destination. And it packs so small it will now become a permanent addition to our travel bag for our son. So anywhere we go it will be there for us to use. We thought the product was fantastic and would certainly recommend it to any other potential buyers.
Heard about your product from a magazine. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what magazine it was, as I passed it along to a friend so that she could look up your product! WHAT a GREAT GREAT idea. I can't wait to try the seats out! Congrats on creating a product that makes potty training less cumbersome...especially when the family is on the go.
I'm currently in the process of potty training my two year old. Somehow I'd imagined training him would be as easy it was to train my older son (who is 5), but alas, it's been FAR more challenging this time around. Part of his obstanance with training has been the fact he refuses to so much as try on the little potty chair. He wants to go on the big potty just like his big brother. I am more than happy to do whatever it takes to make him more comfortable, so if going on the big potty does the trick, I am all for it. the thing about my little guy is that he is a peanut and needs me to hold him up on the seat so that he doesn't fall in. At home we ave a potty training set that just sits on top of the toilet seat, but when we go out, he needs something to hold him up on the potty. That is why I am absolutely thrilled that I was given the opportunity to review the On-the-Go Inflatable Potty Seat by On-the-Go Inflatables! On-the-Go Inflatables has designed four comfortable styles of inflatable potty seats that are specifically designed for the fast paced lifestyle of today's traveling toddler. There are two blue potty seats (one with a character on it and one plain blue) and two pink ones (one with a character on it, and one plain pink). We received the plain blue one, which is absolutely perfect for me and the little guy! Whether at we're at home, at a restaurant, or at Nana's house, this potty makes going to the bathroom while we're out and about a breeze. My son really likes and it definitely makes him more comfortable when he has to go to the potty.