Red On the Go Inflatable Travel/Foldable Potty Seat with Handles


  • Designed for comfort and convenience for traveling families
  • Easy to pack, Inflates/deflates quickly, soft comfort, handles for safety, backrest for support, easy-to-clean, sturdy construction and lightweight
  • Stabilization ring for snug/secure fit on a variety of toilet seats wherever and however you travel
  • Best quality, comfort and value for your traveling needs
  • Comfortable backrest which covers toilet flushing sensors: Ideal for sensitive toddlers


Travel Potty Seat – On-The-Go Inflatable is designed for the fast-pace lifestyle of today’s family. This Travel Potty Seat – On-The-Go Inflatable can be used in the home, but is built for travel. It is an inexpensive, no-mess way for toddlers to bring all the familiarity and comforts of home with them, whenever and wherever the family might go. It is the safe, sanitary, and convenient way to take the stress out of traveling- for your toddler and you. Compact and Lightweight for easy travel – comfortable, secure, and fun!


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