Michael McGuire Owner On the Go Inflatable Travel/Foldable Potty Seat with Handles - Compact and Lightweight for easy travel - comfortable, secure, and fun!

My Story

Greetings! My name is Michael and On-the-GO Inflatables is my creation and vision. Like many new product inventions, the idea for the Inflatable Potty Seat was sparked by a real life incident during a trip to Disney World with our 3 year daughter. Our much anticipated family vacation soon turned into an emotional struggle as Rebecca refused to use the resort toilets without a potty seat. When I asked my wife why she hadn't packed her potty seat, she complained the seat would take up half the suitcase. I continued to question her; surely there was a potty seat for travel that is compact and easy to pack?

At that point I learned the only travel seat on the market was a hard, fold- up flat disc that slid all over the seat and pinched my daughter's skin while she sat on it, plus it wasn't stable. At this point our daughter decided she would rather hide in the closet and pee on the floor than use the intimidating resort toilets without a potty seat. After perusing the resort gift shop with no luck, we had to take precious time out of our expensive vacation to drive to a Walmart to buy a potty seat to use for the remainder of the trip. We ended up leaving the potty seat in the room when we left, rather than try to pack it.

The whole week I continued to think about potty seats...I asked my wife if there is a seat that inflates. She responded that she had never seen one, and then commented that an inflatable seat would be great for traveling. The light bulb went on above my head. As soon as we were back home, I grabbed my daughter's princess themed potty seat, took it apart and used it to create a pattern. I took some old pool rafts from the garage and cut them up in the shape of my patterns. I had to cut the pattern in a way that I could use the valve to blow up my seat. I then went out and bought a food sealer to seal the edges. The outer edge sealed easily, but when I got to the inner edge I couldn't get the seal; my first setback!

Luckily I am the type of person who can't rest without a solution. When I went to share my setback with my wife, she was getting ready for work, straightening her hair with a flat iron. Another light bulb went off. I went out and bought a new flat iron and played around with the temperature until I got the right amount of heat. Bingo! The inner edge sealed and the first yellow inflatable potty seat prototype was born. Fast forward a couple of years, many redesigns, a trip to China, numerous consumer reviews, more redesigns, even better reviews and endless social networking...all have led to where we are now.