At On-the-GO Inflatables, we understand that parents and toddlers are living on-the-go, which is why we've created easily inflatable potty seats for you to bring with you - well - everywhere! Our inflatable potty seats provide convenience while out and about around town, at grandma and grandpa's house and of course, while on vacation. Whether your toddler is potty trained already or just beginning the journey, our inflatable potty seats will find a permanent home in your travel bag.

Soft and lightweight yet sturdy, our inflatable potty seats provide your children with safety and comfort. We've designed our potty seats with a backrest for added support and handles on each side, which gives your toddler security and also keeps their hands of toilet seats. The stabilization ring keeps the potty seat from slipping and allows for a perfect fit for toilets of all sizes and shapes. They're also easy to clean and sanitary way to use the potty. And when your toddler is all done, it packs up nice and small so you can be on your way.

Our inflatable potty seats are made exclusively for on-the-go families. It's not just parents who love our inflatable potty seats-kids love them too! With different designs to choose from, toddlers can bring their very own potty seat with them everywhere they go. Take the stress out of vacations and other outings with our travel-ready, easy to inflate and deflate potty seats. Order one today to see for yourself-you'll never leave home without one again!


On-the-GO Inflatables provides on-the-go parents and toddlers with inflatable potty seats-the convenient, safe and sanitary way for toddlers to use the potty anywhere and anytime. Loved by parents and children alike, our potty seats are affordable, travel-ready and even make potty training easier for everyone involved!